Paladar’s cubano sandwich is genuinely impressive, says Zach Georgopoulos. The roast pork is succulent, the ham has a nice smoky edge, and the mustard and pickles are excellently subtle. The bread is crusty, but soft in the middle. At $8.75, it’s a bit pricier than at other Cuban sandwich joints, but it’s completely worth it. Says Cat Chow, it doesn’t quite hit the perfect note of real Cuban sandwich glory, because they don’t use the right sort of bread. Then again, neither does any other place in the Bay Area.

Platanos maduros—fried sweet plantains—are freshly fried to order, hot, and not greasy at all. And they taste very nice, says Zach. Others feel differently: david kaplan found them to be soggy.

Paladar is a bit of an anomaly for its stretch of Kearny: It actually offers full table service. You can get to-go stuff, too, of course.

Paladar Café Cubano [Chinatown]
329 Kearny Street, San Francisco

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