Is bison the new beef? Last week Rapid City, South Dakota, hosted the International Bison Conference—a trade show, educational sessions, and mixing-and-mingling for the bison industry. Local news station KNBN-TV reports that some guest speakers focused on the importance of bison in Native American culture, while Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association, gave bison-raising a slant sure to resonate with the ecofood set:

[I]n the winter time when the cattle are out there calving and the ranchers are out there pulling those calves, our folks get to sit inside and drink a cup of coffee because [bison] birth naturally and take care of themselves.

Back in March, Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal discussed the pros and cons of eating bison in order to preserve the species. But conservation issues aside, most people are eating bison because it tastes good and it’s healthy—bison is lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than lean beef. It’s also more expensive than beef, but if you can splurge, there are plenty of tips and recipes available online.

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