I’ve been on cupcake overload for a while now. Sure they’re cute and sweet, but isn’t it time for a new baked goods craze to sweep the nation? When I hear cupcake, my eyes roll back in my head. Come on, people. Let’s subvert the cupcake paradigm already.

When the latest Sur La Table newsletter landed in my inbox this week I could hardly believe it. The new baked goods craze I’ve been waiting for may be here, and it’s giant cupcakes!

Wilton is making two kinds of molds, a deep cupcake tin that turns out cupcakes that look the size of pint glasses (“RUINS the frosting to cupcake ratio!” points out one commenter on the Not Martha website). The other is a cake-size mold that is crafted in the shape of a giant cupcake, pleated bottom stump and all (“makes my teeth and stomach hurt just looking at that huge amount of sugary goodness!” swoons the Lovely Living blog).

I always thought the great joy of a cupcake was having your own minicake that didn’t need to be sliced and served. Home bakers have apparently been jury-rigging giant cupcakes for a while now. Cuteness factor aside, doesn’t this defeat the purpose of baking a cupcake in the first place?

Color me unimpressed, with frosting and sprinkles on top.

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