It’s good to have a dream.

Comedian Mark Malkoff’s dream was to visit all 171 Starbucks in Manhattan—in one day. And despite the naysaying of friends, passersby, and even Mark Linn-Baker, Malkoff is determined. He draws up elaborate plans, sets off on his trusty bicycle one morning before daybreak, and films the whole crazy day for our pleasure.

The result, 171 Starbucks, is a maniacally overcaffeinated race against time. Cup after cup, biscotti after biscotti, Malkoff makes his way through the borough. Will he achieve his goal? Or will he succumb to caffeine poisoning before the 24 hours are up?

Over at Starbucks Gossip, the blog where Starbucks partners and their customers collide, the posters seem most fascinated by the part where Malkoff, just a few Starbucks away from his goal, is confronted with a closed location and offers the barista an $80 bribe for a piece of pound cake:

Anyone who finds out the repercussions/consequences for both Jenny who took the $80 for pound cake, and for the guy who closed the store well before the posted closing time (they’re supposed to remain open 10 minutes later), PLEASE POST THEM HERE!

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