Yi He is an excellent new Taiwanese restaurant; after a first visit, K K declares that it has tons of potential, and that he’ll definitely be back for more.

Kung fu mein—long flat noodles with minced pork and sauce—is quite delicate and tasty. Noodles are beautifully al dente; they’re good enough that they could be homemade. Chicken soup (yuen zhong ji tang) is absolutely fantastic: The broth is clear, pure chicken nectar, and is in the same range as the holy chicken broth of Din Tai Fung in Los Angeles. There is well-prepared garlic fried ong choy, with light, crunchy stems and soft, juicy leaves.

There is stewed pork belly meat in a clay pot (tung por mahn rou). At $14.50, it’s way pricier than other menu items, but it’s very pleasing. You get the pork belly, some steamed white buns, and a tray of condiments with cilantro, diced peanuts, sauce, and pickled veggies. You basically grab some pork belly and make a little sandwich.

Chinese-language signage outside says that they’re proudest of their braised eel, sticky rice roll, soy milk, fried doughnuts, and a few other things.

Yi He Garden [Peninsula]
420 Broadway, Millbrae

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