Last week, food blogger Sam, of Becks & Posh, bravely posted a weeklong food diary. Now she has challenged other bloggers to track and photograph their weekly food consumption. And she’s getting some takers.

The challenge to bloggers is this: Starting Monday, November 20, ending Sunday, November 26, keep track of everything you consume, take pictures, and post the results to your blog on Monday, November 27 (and that includes the second piece of pumpkin pie you put away at the Thanksgiving dinner table).

A surprising number of bloggers have volunteered to participate. “Better get the fridge stocked up with some non-embarrassing foods,” writes Anita of Married … with Dinner, who plans to take part. “It will be a bit difficult to explain to my family,” confesses Amy of Amy’s Pickles, “but hey, they have to love me even if they think I am horribly bizarre.”

Sam and company are following in the footsteps of some other consumption chroniclers. Writer Tucker Shaw photographed everything he consumed over the course of a year in his 2005 book, Everything I Ate: A Year in the Life of My Mouth. And in the UK, opera singer Chris Gillett chronicled his food intake for a year and displayed the resulting photo collage of 2,550 images in a local gallery.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what these food photogs capture—and consume—in the course of a week. “Sometimes it’s gummy bears and a glass of wine,” admits blogger Cookiecrumb of I’m Mad and I Eat. “Too embarassing.”

But Sean of food blog Hedonia has perhaps the most pertinent question: “Do I have to photograph each glass of wine individually?”

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