A guy makes a gorgeous sculpture/portrait out of eggs—what’s not to like? Judging from some of the huffy comments on the strange blog Up Story (via Manhattan User’s Guide), quite a bit—and they’re almost as fun to read as the sculpture is to look at. In the words of Rino Alberto,

Man, really, why did u do this? it sucks and it took u a long time. You people sometimes discuss me. U mena u had not anything better to do? Is your life so boring? U could help some children which are hungry.. really!

And then we have the slightly more grammatical stylings of shane:

Jesus people, don’t be jealous just because this guy has a talent that you don’t have.

1) Do you really think the homeless would be able to sit there and prepare and eat that many eggs before they went rotten?

2) Who’s to say he did it all at once, maybe it was a project that spanned out over a long period of time?

3) He may have a girlfriend, maybe he did it for her? Maybe she likes that, because it shows that he’s very creative and imaginative. He may not though, or he may be gay like that other person said.

And finally, the stoner comments, which could either be spam or personal philosophy—like this zillion-line manifesto by BONGTOKER (very abbreviated here):


Ummm, eggs are purty. Anyone have any idea who this artist is?

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