Blood pancakes, black bread with pickled herring, turnip and pear pie—anyone who’s spent much time in Finland longs for hearty, traditional Finnish dishes like these. What FoodWine misses most is the black bread, or musta leipa. It’s a dark, sour rye bread, gorgeously moist, with a crisp crust. It’s lovely topped with cheese and tomato, or with pickled herring. Unfortunately, like Finnish food in general, it seems to be hard to find in the United States. “I have tried to hunt this bread down over here, but no luck. I have even tried the Russian version, but their black bread just does not compare to the Finnish black bread,” says FoodWine.

Karelian pie (Karjalan piirakka) is another exotic yet homey delight. Like the black bread, the crust is made with rye. The filling is delicious rice, and it’s served topped with hard-cooked egg mashed with some butter and maybe some tiny pieces of scallion. Wash it down with some of that strong Finnish coffee, and you are in business.

Chowhounds, help us find more traditional Finnish food in the United States!

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