Seriously? We are now supposed to be afraid of exploding cheese? I wish I were talking in the flavor sense, as in, “My GOD, that piece of Fourme d’Ambert created a taste explosion in my mouth!” but sadly, I’m talking about aviation regulations.

Ironically, when you consider the current administration’s hate for all things French, this ban comes not from the U.S. but from gay Paree. The Wall Street Journal reports:

[R]unny cheese is the latest casualty of stricter aviation security after Paris airport authorities announced a partial ban that hits French delicacies such as Camembert, Brie and Roquefort.

That’s right, you are no longer free to smuggle back a pungent wheel of sloshy Vacherin in your carry-on luggage because of the rampaging fear of homemade liquid explosives.

‘There’s nothing about cheese’ specifically in the list of banned substances, said Marja Quillinan-Meiland, transport spokeswoman for the European Commission. ‘But the rules do mention “liquid-solid mixtures” and “any other items of similar consistency.” You could interpret that to include cheese.’

And, apparently, they do. This stinks.

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