missclaudy loves smoked paprika, and admits to being a smoked paprika addict. The quality varies, depending on what brand you buy, though. “Some smoked paprika that I have purchased doesn’t taste smoky, and some is so delicious I’d happily lick it off my arm,” she says. inuksuk has noticed that smoked paprika—perhaps with a bit of turmeric—functions as a signature “secret ingredient” for lots of people, herself included. She prefers Turkish smoked paprika to the ones from the rest of the eastern Mediterranean or Spain. It’s the most complex.

maria lorraine likes La Dalia brand smoked paprika, in the blue and white tin with the big red flower. She prefers the Dulce to the hotter Picante version. And LAWoman likes the very smoky stuff from Penzeys, especially in spice rubs for grilling.

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