“How much Thomas Keller is really in Ratatouille’s Remy?” asks New York Magazine’s blog, Grub Street. A lot, according to former French Laundry saucier Zak Pelaccio:

‘The little rat was incredibly fastidious, which embodies what Keller does; he’s the most incredibly focused chef I’ve known. The way Remy slices the ingredients, the way each is considered and handled as if it matters as much as the dish as a whole ––that’s Keller.’

The filmmakers evidently picked up on Keller’s passionate, fastidious side while watching the chef to see how a French kitchen is run. Producer Brad Lewis took a two-day immersion internship at the French Laundry, learning, as Keller says, “the dance.”

Keller himself seems very wedded to Remy’s “desire,” saying:

Remy really had a strong desire to be a cook, and that desire really propelled him to have the courage to move into an area where he wasn’t really familiar, where it wasn’t really natural for him to be—in the kitchen—and he devised a plan and a way to make it successful.

OMG, could Keller be talking about himself??!!

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