Eat your vegetables and don’t play with your food, your mama told you. Never, we venture to guess, did she order you to beat your celeriac bongos. And yet that’s exactly what the members of the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra do. These musicians are very serious about their carrot flutes, pepper trumpets, and aubergine claps—and they are not alone. Australian band Flutenveg specializes in carrot panpipes. Arizona’s Wyld Men have a whole CD of music “produced on produce,” featuring a track titled “Danny Boy” accompanied by a “Slide Potato”! And check out this cruciferous version of “Angels We Have Heard on High” played on a broccoli ocarina.

Weekly Geek thinks that Björk might be green with envy, while Spluch lauds avoidance of “preserved and marinated sound conceptions.”

Pop-culture buffs will point to Brian Wilson’s song “Vegetables,” on the 1967 album Smiley Smile, which features Paul McCartney chewing celery as percussion.

Inspired? Make your own!

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