As much as I love my Pacific Northwest lifestyle (it’s berry season!), after seeing the news that 7-Eleven has turned several of its stores into Kwik-E-Marts to herald the opening of The Simpsons Movie, I suddenly got the itch to move to someplace like Orlando or Burbank.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports (via AP) that a dozen 7-Eleven stores have been turned into the Simpsons’ convenience store of choice. It’s the place where Bart and Milhouse can get syrup-only Squishees before going crazy, “Broadway style.” It’s where Homer can decorate his doughnuts with unusual sprinkles. It’s where Lisa discovers that all hot dogs aren’t necessarily made of meat.

Oh well. If I can’t get to a Kwik-E-Mart, at least I can drop in to 7-Eleven for a Squishee, a box of KrustyO’s, and a can of Buzz Cola, all of which will be sold throughout the month in nearly all 7-Elevens. Let the countdown to July 27 (and probable disappointment) begin!

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