Much excitement for you lovers of the Northeasterly clam shack: Lobster Shack is now open. This is the Napa relative of the excellent Old Port Lobster Shack, which has been satisfying Peninsula Chowhounds for a while.

It’s a classic seafood joint: tables with rolls of brown paper towels, bottles of malt vinegar and hot sauce, and a pretty casual attitude. Fried Ipswich clams are priced about what they would be in your usual Northeast shack—$10.75 for a half order, $18 for a full order—but the portions are a little smaller. The clams are a little smaller too, so they end up coming out a bit overcooked, though they are true belly clams.

The winner, though, is the amazing, gorgeous, perfect lobster roll, says Dan Wodarcyk. It’s in the classic mold: cold lobster, mixed with a teeny bit of Hellmann’s, salt, pepper, and green onions, served on a toasted “New England Hot Dog Bun.” It is a stellar sandwich, with perfect flavors, perfect textures, and a pretty generous serving of claw meat.

The buns are the true New England type—big slabs of crustless white bread. The crustlessness allows for the right level of grilling. The folks who run the place actually brought over the molds for the buns from New England, and are having a local bakery make ’em right.

Good New England clam chowder, too.

Lobster Shack [Napa County]
806 Fourth Street, Napa

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