A Chowhound favorite for affordable, creative cuisine, Bistro Verdu closed abruptly June 24: “This weekend marks the ‘end for now’ of Bistro Verdu,” said owner Michael Ruiz in an email newsletter. “As many of you know, we are working on a new location and hope to have news soon.”

Those plans include a new retail/takeout operation called Ingredients, one block north of Verdu. On the shelves will be artisanal foods, domestic and imported; cheeses; spices from around the world; and prepared small bites.

Chef Laurent Quenioux, of the late lamented Bistro K (it still exists, but apparently isn’t flourishing under new management), was seen cooking recently at Vermont in Los Feliz. It’s possible he might do the guest thing at another restaurant this year, so sign up for his email list if you’re interested. If all goes according to plan, Quenioux’s new place will open downtown in late ’07 or early ’08.

Also no longer open for Chowhounding: the esteemed northern Chinese joint Heavy Noodling.

Bistro Verdu [Montrose/Glendale]
3459 N. Verdugo Road, Glendale

Bistro K info

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