Hungarian restaurant Duna Csarda has gotten a new lease on life with the management and cook from the recently closed Hortobagy, says AndrewS.

For starters, korozott, Hungarian sheep’s cheese prepared with paprika, onions, and caraway seeds, is lovely with fresh red onion. They also have a nice gyuali, a cured sausage that seems like the one they used to serve at Hortobagy, which was made locally.

Chicken paprikas comes in a rich, complex sauce, although the egg dumplings are on the tough side. Transylvanian gulyas (a.k.a. goulash) is a tangy, slightly spicy paprika sauce blanketing sauerkraut and chunks of veal.

For dessert, chestnut torte covered in dark chocolate is done just as it should be, but that also means it’s tooth-numbingly sweet.

Service is a bit choppy, with some lulls and missteps, but extremely friendly and informal. The place is markedly spruced up, with clean water in the fountains, good lighting, and nicely trimmed greenery.

Duna Csarda [Hollywood]
5820 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

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