Baked treats made with seasonal fruit are smart orders at Park Slope’s Trois Pommes Patisserie. One early favorite is the strawberry-rhubarb crumb tart. Another is the blueberry muffin, moist and not too sweet, boasting a crunchy topping and optimal berry-to-cake ratio.

Opened a month ago by Emily Isaac, a former pastry chef at Union Square Cafe, this cozy shop also bakes excellent brownies and smallish but superior scones, delicately crisp on the outside and light and soft on the inside. “What I’ve had so far is pretty excellent, and the people working there are nice as pie,” writes pitu. They make ice cream, too; cbking is high on the creamy, satisfying caramel crunch.

mandmbklyn is blown away by the chocolate cupcake filled with mocha cream. “It looked like a huge homemade Yankee Doodle, and was so much better than Magnolia or Sweet Melissa,” she writes, adding that it’s the size of two ordinary cupcakes and well worth the steep $4 price. Not everyone agrees. “$4 for a cupcake?” sputters famdoc. “Have we not taken this too far?”

Elsewhere in the Slope, the original Two Little Red Hens has renamed itself Ladybird Bakery. The two-store partnership has dissolved, and the hens have gone their separate ways. (The second location, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, still answers to Two Little Red Hens.) This is fine with Brooklyn hounds, who boast that their local shop always had the better baker and cake decorator of the two. Their favorite treat is the Brooklyn Blackout Cake: dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding and frosted with chocolate fudge. “Amazing!” swoons theannerska.

In Boerum Hill, Betty Bakery has won an unlikely convert in funkymonkey. An avowed “down-home baked-goods kind of girl from the ooey, gooey, sticky school,” she’s entranced of late with Betty’s elegant peanut butter sesame cookies: “They’re flat little discs with a vague peanut-ness and lots of sesame flavor from the ton of sesame seeds crammed into each ethereally crumbly biscuit. It’s a wonderful combination of flavors, executed particularly well.”

Trois Pommes Patisserie [Park Slope]
260 Fifth Avenue (between Garfield and Carroll), Brooklyn

Ladybird Bakery [Park Slope]
Formerly Two Little Red Hens
1112 Eighth Avenue (at 11th Street), Brooklyn

Two Little Red Hens [Upper East Side]
1652 Second Avenue (between E. 85th and 86th streets), Manhattan

Betty Bakery [Boerum Hill]
448 Atlantic Avenue (between Nevins and Bond), Brooklyn

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