Pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini is teaming up with Macy’s department stores to offer desserts paired with specific perfumes. Musk Melba, anyone?

Iuzzini, of Restaurant Jean Georges, will give an hourlong presentation that focuses on fragrance notes in the perfumes that are echoed in the specifically chosen desserts. The final component of the event will be a dessert and fragrance sampling. Iuzzini will be assisted by chef Bill Yosses.

According to this article, “Macy’s and Iuzzini are hoping that the multiple sensory elements to the presentation will allow for a memorable connection to the fragrances, thus resulting in increased fragrance sales.”

Channeling chocolate in order to hawk high-priced perfume to women? That might not be such a bad sales plan.

The programs will be offered at four different Macy’s locations: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami. There is a $25 attendance charge, which can then be applied toward any fragrance purchase.

Just don’t tell me they’ll be offering a Sandalwood Sundae.

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