Energy bars are not really chow. They’re basically 1960s science-fiction nutrient pills that inexplicably require chewing. They taste like chemicals, and the texture is suspect, to say the least.

But please behold the humble Lärabar, says litchick. Its ingredient list is admirably short—two to five items, depending on the flavor—and the ingredients are wholesome things like organic fruit, nuts, and chocolate. And here’s the thing about Lärabars: They actually taste good, like fruit and nuts. Some of the best flavors are wicked-gingery Ginger Snap, cashew-y Cashew Cookie, and Cherry Pie, full of high-quality dried tart cherries.

toodie jane recommends Clif Bars, but the kids’ version—they’re half the size of a regular Clif Bar and tastier, and they cost around 49 cents each. And jeni1002 has a thing for the spirulina bites sold in bulk at your neighborhood Whole Foods. They’re a remarkably palatable energy food, full of molasses and almonds in addition to the lovely spirulina.

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