There’s nothing like grilled cheese sandwiches to remind you of lunchtime as a kid, but at Meltdown, the GC is definitely all grown up, says pleasurepalate.

Grilled farmers’ market vegetables, fresh and crisp, are the star of the Market Melt. It’s practically a crime to mess with locally grown produce, and the veggies are set up just right by caramelized onions, walnut pesto, and two cheeses, herbed chèvre and fontina, on ciabatta bread.

The classic three-cheese (that’s sharp cheddar, Muenster, and fontina) with applewood bacon comes on sourdough bread. It’s oozy and a little greasy, but definitely tasty.

Taking the GC to the next course, Meltdown offers “sweet melts,” which are basically dessert sandwiches. The Brie and apricot melt is a great combo of sweet-tart apricots, creamy Brie, and nutty walnut bread.

You should really have some vegetables. The fennel–red onion slaw is cool and refreshing, with tons of dill. There are also soups.

Meltdown [Culver City-ish]
9739 Culver Boulevard, Culver City

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