The first thing to note about vinegar peppers is that they’re not, repeat not, pepperoncini. Vinegar peppers are an Italian specialty consisting of green bell peppers, sometimes sliced, sometimes whole, pickled in a vinegar mixture, says Gio. You may be able to buy them at an Italian salumeria, a store that sells cold cuts, cheeses, and the like. The second thing to note about vinegar peppers: They are delizioso!

Cheese Boy notes that vinegar peppers are uncooked, not roasted. Look for any type of jarred peppers with vinegar in the ingredient list. They come in both sweet and hot varieties, and some of the hot ones can pack real heat. Some restaurants make them in-house, usually with no preservatives or chemical additives. You can make your own by pickling raw bell peppers in white vinegar and salt, and garlic, if you like. And BBossman1 says that, believe it or not, Vlasic makes several varieties of excellent pickled peppers; look for the Mild or Hot “Stackers.”

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