Caramelized honey is a treat with plenty of uses. Diana tops scones and biscuits with it, puts it in smoothies, and adds it to a marinade for grilled bass. It would be great with chicken or pork—mmm, caramelized honey ribs! glutton replaces sugar in jams and cookies with it and spoons it over Greek yogurt with sliced apples, apricots, or strawberries. Drizzling it on ice cream sounds like a tasty idea as well. And it adds wonderful flavor to home-brew.

Availability seems to be limited to the Bill’s Bees stand at the Santa Monica and South Pasadena farmers’ markets (Wednesday and Saturday in SM, Thursday in SP).

Santa Monica Farmers’ Market [Santa Monica]
Various locations, Santa Monica


South Pasadena Farmers Market [South Pasadena]
Mission Street and Meridian Avenue, South Pasadena

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