afatcat is now hopelessly addicted to Harmony Frozen Yogurt. Inspired by Pinkberry, Harmony serves just one flavor—natural. It’s tangy and a little sweet. “It tastes like what it is: Organic Straus Family Creamery Yogurt sweetened with a little sugar. Topped with fresh berries or mango, it completely blows away any frozen yogurt I have ever had.” It is nothing like your typical frozen yogurt. It is a distinctly fresh, very yogurty, and deeply dairy experience, says orezscu.

It’s creamy and dense, and for non–sweet fiends like honu, it’s just the right balance of yogurt and a wee bit of sugar.

A bunch of Chowhounds have been to Harmony. Every single one of them thinks this place is glorious.

Harmony Frozen Yogurt [Peninsula]
1226 Arroyo Avenue, San Carlos

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