Donburi is the home-cooking comfort food of Japan. It’s a bowl of rice topped with … stuff. Like simmered fish. Or simmered chicken. Or simmered chicken mixed with egg. Or fried pork mixed with egg.

Oyako-don is a donburi with chicken, egg, and scallion. “For the definitive oyako-don, Sumika is the answer,” says K K. You can’t beat oyako-don made with free-range organic chicken and eggs, both from Petaluma Farms. It gives the whole dish “a full-bodied flavor that matches the best of Japan.”

GocHi and Saizo are “even more authentic and delicious,” he says. Saizo’s the place for grilled unagi over rice, with unagi liver—it’s superb, though a bit salty. Saizo’s lunches are pretty underrated; check out their fantastic, freshly made miso soup. GocHi’s gyu-don (beef bowl) lunch is a bit small, but also deeply Japanese. The raw egg borken over the meat gives it that extra dimension of good.

Ramen Club has lots of fans for donburi. It’s mighty tasty stuff. VirgoBlue suggests their dinner specials; it’s a great way to sample a little of everything. One of those specials is a great tonkatsu-don (pork cutlet bowl).

Sumika Grill [Peninsula]
236 Central Plaza, Los Altos

Saizo [South Bay]
592 E. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale

GocHi [South Bay]
19980 Homestead Road, Cupertino

Ramen Club [Peninsula]
723 California Drive, Burlingame

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