About 15 years ago, the owner of Phoenicia, the warm and welcoming Ara Kalfayan, was doing California cuisine. Then he changed the restaurant to Kix. About six months ago, it became Phoenicia again, but this time serving Lebanese-Armenian food.

For sheer variety of well-done dishes, including an exceptionally smooth kibbeh nayeh, and topnotch service, this place is a winner, says ttriche.

The Arz meze selection is a positive feast: warak enab; kibbeh nayeh; hummus; baba ghanouj; tabbouleh done right, a salad of parsley with some fine bulgur sprinkled in; falafel; soujouk; two kinds of madammas; and a few more.

The falafel may be more ethereal at Sahara, the soujouk more lemony at Carousel, and the prices lower at both, but Phoenicia makes for a great dining experience on the whole, suited for dinners with the parents or business travelers (they’re open till 11 p.m. even on Mondays). On Friday and Saturday nights, there’s live entertainment.

Phoenicia [Eastside]
343 N. Central Avenue, Glendale

Sahara [Eastside]
2226 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena [Eastside]

Carousel [Hollywood]
Hye Plaza
5112 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Carousel [Eastside]
304 N. Brand Boulevard, Glendale

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