Dave MP’s favorite dish at Angkor Borei is ahmohk, a delicate, flavorful fish mousse, full of lemongrass, garlic, and lime. It’s an excellently cool texture—soft mousse with chunks of fish and shrimp.

There’s also delicious fish with sweet and spicy tamarind sauce. Cold noodle appetizer comes with a delicious sauce of coconut milk, fish broth, and curry. Sautéed spinach is cool too, flecked with lots of little brown tasties that may be soybeans. Robert Lauriston recommends stewed ground pork, crispy rice chips, slices of beef, and char toum plang (a.k.a. spicy prawns). The Cambodian crêpe is also great, and rather like a Vietnamese banh xeo, says bernalgirl. She warns, though, that many of the dishes are rather boring; stick to the above, at least on your first visit, if you want to see the charm of Angkor Borei.

Angkor Borei [Bernal Heights]
3471 Mission Street, San Francisco

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