Sometimes you have access to good beer. But other times, your pocket money only allows you to buy less flavorful beer.

Well, as the posters say, if life gives you bad beer, mix it with lemonade. Or you could, as the Boston Globe suggests, make yourself a pitcher of “beeritas.”

Made with tequila, sweetened lime juice, and a light lager, beeritas are like the bastard child of Budweiser and Jimmy Buffett. By all accounts, the sweet, refreshing cocktail goes down easy. And it’s a natural with nachos.

While beer-based cocktails have fallen out of favor in the last few decades, the article notes that at one time drinks like the Shandy, the Boilermaker, and the Black and Tan were all the rage—and they may be making a comeback:

Search the Web and a site such as will give some more exotic options: Liverpool Kiss (dark beer with cassis), Bee Sting (dark beer and orange juice), Skip and Go Naked (beer, lemon juice, gin, and a dash of grenadine), Broadway (beer and cola, it’s big in Japan), Caribbean Night (beer and an ounce of coffee liqueur), and South Wind (beer with a shot of melon liqueur).

Just don’t order them in your local handcrafted-beer brewhaus.

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