Many food items have reached new heights through immersion in the deep-fryer. Whole turkeys, for example. Oreos. Mars bars. Before yesterday, though, we’d never picked up an avocado and thought, “You know, this could really kick ass if it was fried.”

Now, we love avocados. Having them growing right there on the trees—and thus not having to pay $8 for every puny saucer of guacamole—is the best argument we know for living in California. If butter were a vegetable, it would be an avocado. But this is America, land of ingenuity and Bloomin’ Onions.

Which leads us to Not Martha, a links-mad compendium of very cool stuff, and a recent post on Apartment Therapy. Opening with the not-so-rhetorical question “Is this the California version of deep-fried Twinkies?” (answer: Totally, dude!), Apartment Therapy then links to the original recipe by Rachael on Fresh Approach Cooking.

Calling herself “a not-so-typical L.A. girl” (well, no kidding! we didn’t think typical LA girls ate anything but lip gloss and Pinkberry), she swears by her recipe’s “Crispy, smooth, spicy, sweet, salty, rarefied divinity.”

Her trick? Dip each avo half in egg, then in panko. Serve to your friends with papaya-kiwi salsa, like it’s some kind of Cali health food. Vitamin E never tasted so good.

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