Chowhounds love deviled eggs, and they love to gussy them up. Here are some of their favorite ways:

Add wasabi mayonnaise or wasabi powder, with minced scallions and parsley to play up the green color, or top with tobiko for a little crunch.

Use butter in place of mayonnaise, or use a 50/50 mix. If you use butter, don’t serve the eggs straight from the fridge, as the filling will harden; let them sit and soften up a bit.

Or simply mash the yolks with olive oil and spicy mustard, and add the fresh herb of your choice (chives and dill are great in deviled eggs, say hounds).

Add bacon to the filling, and perhaps use a little bacon grease to moisten the yolks.

In the spring, there is nothing better than deviled eggs with tons of fresh tarragon and finely minced capers and cornichons, topped with a sprig of tarragon, says Carrie 218.

julesrules lines the cavity of the egg white with smoked salmon, piles in the yolk filling, and decorates the top with a small piece of smoked salmon and a sprinkle of toasted white or black sesame seeds.

Veggo boils 30 percent more eggs than he intends to devil, and uses the extra yolks to bulk up the filling.

Southern Foodways held a major deviled egg competition a few years ago, and had an oral history project about them. You can read all kinds of history, lore, and recipes at this link.

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