Bottarga is roe that has been dried and pressed into a block. It’s delicious shaved over pasta, says MMRuth. It’s a specialty of Sardinia, where the roe tends to be from grey mullet, says ali patts. It’s also found in Sicily, where the roe tends to be from tuna—thus, bottarga di tono. formerlyfingers had some shaved over gnocchi in an albacore dish, and it was stellar.

If you don’t live in Sardinia or Sicily, it can be tricky to locate the precious substance for your personal use, however. If you have an Italian specialty store in your area, inquire there. If they don’t carry it, they might be willing to order it. And if you see it on a restaurant menu, ask the server to inquire with the chef for his source. If you ask really nicely, you may even be able to “piggyback” a small order through the chef, says formerlyfingers.

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