Have you seen those rather…questionable commercials for Domino’s Pizza’s newest sugar-shocked treat and wondered if toilet paper would be free with delivery? You’re not the only one.

The commercial in question features a chocolate brownie that hugs Domino’s customers, smearing them with chocolate that looks, um, unsavory. As if the chocolate trails that the advertised Fudgems leave on its happy (or hapless?) victims wasn’t odd enough, as any South Park devotee knows, Chef once concocted his own batch of Fudge ‘Ems on the show as an extension of his original Chocolate Salty Balls recipe.

Posters in Television Without Pity’s thread “Commercials with People Who Should Just Go Away Now,” have had graphic reactions. Cyb says, “It does what I thought until recently was impossible: Makes me lose my appetite for chocolate,” and Muffyn adds, “That commercial really is disgusting. It looks like the chocolate block smeared feces on everyone.”

Add to all of that the fact that the Fudgem looks like a gas-passing Japanese television mascot and you gotta wonder first, “What the hell is Domino’s smoking?” and second, “Can I get it to go?”

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