ASJ has the best niu rou mian—beef noodle—in the Bay Area, says tanspace. And by the best, he means that it’s the closest you’ll find to the kind of beef noodles you can buy from street vendors in the streets of Taipei.

He explains: “Most Chinese restaurants try to have a version of niu rou mian on their menu since it is such an iconic item, especially for people from Taiwan. It is almost on par with what Ramen means in Japan, but most places cannot do a good version even if their life depended on it. Either they use store bought noodles that turn lumpy, or have watered down broth that tastes worse than instant noodle versions, or the meat is so dry or tough that you’d rather eat beef jerky.”

But at ASJ, they’ve perfected all three components—noodle, broth, beef—and bring them together like no other place out here. ASJ even usurps its sister restaurant, A&J. Its beef noodle is on a level with the now-deceased Fortune Garden’s version.

Also great here is the iu rou xian bing (Chinese hamburger) and the open-ended pot stickers, which have a tasty filling and a nice wrap. Avoid the soup dumplings—they’re not a specialty.

ASJ Restaurant [South Bay]
1698 Hostetter Road #D, San Jose

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