Is your mom a fabulous cook who taught you her every secret? Or perhaps she’s a workaday cook who manages to put dinner on the table every night and might have a few shortcuts up her sleeve to share with you? Or is your mom the kind who, when you moved to your own apartment, passed on not her precious shelf of vintage cookbooks but instead her vast collection of takeout menus?

No matter what kind of mom you have, she probably has some advice for your culinary life.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press polled its readers, as well as listeners of a local radio station, and put together a Mother’s Day special endearingly titled “Never Fry Bacon Naked and More Motherly Kitchen Wisdom.”

The entries range from the useful:

Linda Johnson of Minneapolis gives thanks to her mother every time she’s tempted to open the oven door to check a cake or pan of bars.

‘The temp drops as much as 50 degrees with just one peek,’ her mother told her. ‘That will throw off your timing.’

To the philosphical:

Disasters happen, no matter how great the cook or the recipe. That philosophy from her mother helps Sally E. Ryan shrug it off when something doesn’t turn out the way it should.

‘Just bury your mistakes in the garbage can, without ceremony,’ says Ryan of St. Paul. ‘Don’t tell anyone about the mishaps, and you will preserve your culinary reputation.’

If you’re a mom, give your kids a present this Mother’s Day and impart some kitchen wisdom. “A seasoned cast iron skillet is a joy to cook on” is the advice I’m planning to give this Sunday.

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