A few months ago, we heard about Martha Stewart employees attempting to infiltrate Fort Rachael Ray, after which Ray herself commented that she couldn’t believe the Doyenne of Duck Confit would really regard her lowly talk show as a serious threat to Martha’s own carefully decorated existence. She also wished Martha much “good, warm, wonderful success”, which might come off as a little condescending when one compares Ray’s recent rise to Stewart’s longtime household-name status.

Well, is the hand-tooled leather shoe now on the other foot? According to the deliciously gossipy Page Six, Rachael Ray potentially made an attempt to scoop Martha’s show. While Martha had Barry Manilow live and in-person this past Wednesday on Martha, the Rachael Ray Show just so happened to air a previously taped segment also featuring the curly-haired crooner. At the same time.

Without missing a beat, Martha announced to her live audience:

I’d never met Rachael Ray—I think she’s fun and lovely—but, you know, we have Barry Manilow live this morning, and he taped an episode of the Rachael Ray show that was supposed to air tomorrow. But for some reason, they pushed the show up to today, and now Barry is on two shows at once. He’s live with us, but it’s really not fair to the artist because these performers deserve to reach as big of an audience as possible. But anyway, we have him here. Live.

I do hope Rachael has some aloe for that burn.

If you missed the original, you can watch the bitchslap on TMZ.com.

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