The bad news: The first Vietnamese-Cajun restaurant in San Gabriel Valley has failed, hounds say. rameniac reports that a “now leasing” sign was seen in the window. mikeyas says it had plunged downhill anyway: nasty gumbo, fries undercooked in old oil, and bland crawfish seasonings. According to a waitress, the original owner and head cook both left.

The good news: Boiling Crab is coming up north soon.

If you’re in the Gardena area and hankering for SGV-quality Chinese food, Tasty Kitchen in Torrance has a chef (not Kam Wo Au) from the Kitchen in Alhambra working there on Tuesdays, says mpken. If you call in advance, you can even order abalone and such for dinner.

Crabulous [San Gabriel Valley]
8966 E. Garvey Unit C, Rosemead

Tasty Kitchen [South Bay]
1324 W. Artesia Boulevard, Gardena

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