In a move that sounds almost as riveting as a metro symphony orchestra tuning up for Project Second Fiddle, the Food Network is casting its net Tri-State-wide for its next reality show, Chopped.

According to a much-talked-about ad on Manhattan’s Craigslist, that invites New York Tri-State Area sous-chefs to step forward for a chance to be on Chopped, the Food Network asks the million-penny question: “Are you a top sous-chef? Prove it on The Food Network.”

Instead of taking the Top Chef route of spinning out 12 to 16 woolly cheftestants to a fine thread of one, it looks as though Chopped will cut right to the chase. As the ad explains, it will start with four competitors and whittle down to one.

Wanna take bets on the ousting catch phrase? Dibs on “You didn’t make the cut.” Yeah, nudge me when it’s over.

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