Wondering which state orders the most (and least) takeout and how tipping habits have changed during the quarantine? A recent Google search analysis and survey show some interesting takeout and delivery trends in 2020. 

While the pandemic has kept me from doing a lot of the things I love and, more importantly, seeing a lot of the people I love, it has actually brought me closer to others. The fine folks who coordinate takeout and delivery at my favorite neighborhood restaurants are first among them. With in-restaurant dining mostly removed from the equation this spring and summer, I’ve done more cooking, and likewise, more takeout/delivery than any other time in my life. I suspect I’m not alone, either.

2020 vibes7 Easy Ways to Support Your Local Businesses During COVID-19While restaurants continue to struggle mightily and close at an alarming clip, takeout and delivery has been one of the ways some eateries have survived thus far. Delivery drivers and line cooks are working overtime, but so too are hungry diners around the country, firing up their search engines to locate the best takeout and delivery in town. Perhaps you’re curious which state has done the most ordering during the past several months.

Restaurant machinery retailer Bid-On-Equipment was curious enough to enlist Google Analytics and a survey of 2,000 Americans for some state-by-state intel to find out which states have been searching for takeout the most during quarantine—among other notable pandemic dining trends. Here’s what they found.

Little State, Big Appetite

Of all the states analyzed for takeout searches between March and August 2020, Rhode Island—aka the “Calamari Comeback State”—took the number one slot. My home state, more colloquially known as “Lil’ Rhody,” executed over 10,500 takeout-related queries per every 100,000 people. Though it’s unclear how many of those were in search of the famous fried squid appetizer

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Other New England states like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine all cracked the top ten, while states least interested in searching for takeout were almost all in the South or Midwest. Mississippi, West Virginia, and Arkansas landed in the bottom three spots with less than 4,000 takeout-related searches per 100,000 people. 


People Are Prioritizing Small Restaurants Over Chains and Tipping More

According to the survey conducted, a majority of respondents (59 percent) said they’re making an effort to support local businesses over large chain restaurants. Most people (77 percent) also said they’re leaving tips on takeout orders (better be!), with respondents in the millennial and baby boomer age brackets tipping the most—roughly 15 percent. A third of all respondents said they’re tipping 25 percent or more on takeout, while 15 percent said they’re only leaving 5 percent tips.

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Others Ways Folks Are Supporting Restaurants

Tipping was by far the most popular way folks claim they’re now supporting local restaurants, with nearly half (47 percent) saying they’ve upped their tip percentage in recent months. A quarter said they’ve been leaving positive online reviews to boost restaurants while others claimed to be placing larger-than-normal orders or just outright donating in order to help.

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You can read the full findings from the survey and analytics report here. Whichever way you’re helping to keep the local restaurant industry afloat as it teeters on the brink, you can bet it’s appreciated.

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