Update, August 19, 2020:

At this point, a list of things not being recalled due to the massive output of possibly-tainted California onions is probably shorter than a list of things that are. HelloFresh is the latest purveyor to suggest customers discard any onions contained in meal kits ordered between May 8 and July 21. The good news is that’s almost a month ago, so you’ve likely already eaten and survived onions from the tainted batch, some of which may have contained Salmonella Newport. Or they missed you altogether. If you are hanging on to some nearly-month-old HelloFresh meal kit onions, well, why? But also please toss them in the compost bin post haste. Not entirely sure? HelloFresh says you can check the box they came in (if you still have it) for a product code located on the bottom square of the shipping label.

Update, August 12, 2020:

Much like an actual onion, the more this story is peeled back the more it stinks. As part of the massive recall related to the Salmonella Newport contamination in onions, two major grocery chains, including Trader Joe’s and Costco, are pulling onions from their shelves. Meanwhile, several other grocery stores are yanking prepared foods that may contain the possibly tainted red, white, and yellow onions. 

Yesterday, Trader Joe’s recalled red onions that originated from Thomson International (California) but are then packaged under other brand names including Hartley’s and Onions52, from its stores in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Costco is also now recalling onions shipped between May 1 to July 31, and Ralphs, a California grocery chain, has pulled yellow onions that were sourced from the producer in question. 

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Just last week Walmart and Kroger—who had already recalled the onions—announced they’d be pulling ready-to-eat items from shelves that may contain the bad onions. Potentially tainted foods sold at Kroger include macaroni and rotini pasta salad, among others. Walmart prepared foods that may be affected by the outbreak include fajita stir fry and a chicken salad croissant. The items were sold at locations in Southern states, including Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas. You can see a full list of Walmart stores possibly affected here, and more information provided in an official statement from Kroger here.

If you bought onions or any prepared foods that may contain onions from the affected grocery chains, the CDC is recommending you discard them immediately. A full list of potentially tainted products can be found on the FDA website

Original Story, August 6, 2020:

A major multi-state recall of red, white, and yellow onions is in effect due to a potential risk of Salmonella Newport. The outbreak has been traced to Thompson International, Inc. out of Bakersfield, California, but since produce is not always labeled clearly, the FDA is suggesting people discard any onions and start anew, especially if you can’t determine their origin. 

stay safeHow to Protect Yourself from Foodborne IllnessThe recall began when Salmonella Newport was detected in red onions distributed by Thompson, but since there is the potential for cross-contamination with other varieties, Thompson’s yellow, white, and sweet yellow onions have also been recalled. Though not all cases can be traced directly to the onions, the CDC is reporting as many as 400 confirmed Salmonella cases in 34 states across the country, with 59 hospitalizations at the time of this posting.

The recall announcement was made on Aug. 1 and is for any onions shipped by Thompson after May 1 through the present. Any onions purchased around those dates should be considered potentially dangerous to consume. 

Thompson’s onions are regularly distributed to major retailers in all fifty states and D.C. including Kroger and Walmart. They also sell to retailers in Canada, where a similar recall has been enacted. “The onions were sold under several brand names including Thomson Premium, TLC Thomson International, Tender Loving Care, El Competitor, Hartley’s Best, Onions 52, Majestic, Imperial Fresh, Kroger, Utah Onions, and Food Lion,” according to the official recall. A list of packaging labels can be found here.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms consistent with Salmonella poisoning or salmonelloses such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, fever, aches, lethargy, or rash, contact your physician immediately. In the meantime, you’d be wise to chuck any onions from the produce basket unless you’re able to confirm they are from a safe and unaffected source. 

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