Generations of hounds have queued up at Biancardi Meats for such delicacies as stuffed pork chops with tasty sausage-and-bread filling. Roasted fennel makes an especially nice side dish, Striver advises.

Also recommended at this Arthur Avenue landmark: stuffed chicken breasts, dried hot sausage with fennel, and—by advance order only—whole prosciutto. This is an annual family tradition for gardengirl: “We visit it regularly before it is ready and even have a naming ceremony. Yeah, we get a little too excited about it.”

Another houndworthy pork chop, Ukrainian style, is the enormous breaded and fried specimen sold at Kurowycky in the East Village. kobetobiko loves the distinctive porky, almost gamy flavor of the meat. Just heat it up in the oven.

Biancardi Meats [Bronx]
2350 Arthur Avenue (between E. 186th Street and Crescent Avenue), Bronx

Kurowycky Meat Products [East Village]
124 First Avenue (between St. Marks Place and E. Seventh Street), Manhattan

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