Six months after Impossible Foods launched its Impossible Sausage patty, the Silicon Valley company announced today that the product is now already available at 20,000 restaurants and diners across the country. Some of America’s largest food distributors, including DOT, Sysco, and US Foods, now offer the Impossible Sausage at their warehouses. For those not included in the initial 20,000 count, the plant-based sausage can now be ordered by any restaurant nationwide. 

The announcement comes nearly four years after Impossible Foods first proffered the Impossible Burger to America’s restaurants, an environmentally friendly alternative to beef. But so far the sausage’s success and popularity are unparalleled, evidence that more and more consumers are reaching for meat-free, sustainable alternatives.

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“Impossible Sausage went from zero to 20,000 restaurants in the first half of 2020 alone,” Impossible Foods’ founder and CEO Dr. Patrick O. Brown says, “a clear bellwether for growth and a warning to incumbent meat producers.”

The Impossible Sausage is only the second plant-based product to be released from the Impossible Foods team, although the sausage is not yet available in stores. It is pre-cooked and pre-seasoned with traditional breakfast flavors, formed into 1.6-ounce patties, and just as juicy as one made from pork. The plant-based sausage boasts the same amount of protein as many , along with more iron, fewer calories, and less total fat.

Header image by Impossible Foods.

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