Know before you go: Vien Dong doesn’t do pho. The Northern Vietnamese spot does turn out mean spring rolls, though, their crinkly rice-paper skin characteristic of true cha gio/nem ran, says Das Ubergeek. These may be the best spring rolls in Little Saigon. Seriously.

But the pièce de résistance is the bun cha, a platter of grilled pork and pork patties, just barely charred, swimming in green papaya–fish sauce. Herbs (perilla, mint, rau ram, and lettuce) and rice noodles come on the side. The proper way of eating it all is to mix the ingredients with the sauce in the small individual bowl, adding more as you go. But no matter how you choose to eat it, the explosion of flavor will knock you over the head. Ubergeek was left dazed by its incredibleness.

Vien Dong [Little Saigon]
14271 Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove

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