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A fence is a practical solution for creating a border between your yard and your neighbor’s or just delineating a space on your property. It can also be a finishing touch to any green space. Some fences are purely functional, and others are works of art. Whether you need to keep pests from feasting on your plants or you want to erect an architectural masterpiece to showcase your garden, here are ten garden fence ideas for your green space.

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Modern Classic

A white classic picket fence conjures up visions of a quaint home with a tidy garden. If you are not looking for something that manicured, consider giving the classic picket a slightly rustic makeover. This fence utilizes thicker wood boards with a pyramid top instead of the typical wide picket. Opting for a natural wood finish instead of a white wash, this garden fence gives you the feeling of a formal garden without the stuffiness.


Most people choose to lay fence slats vertically. However, just swapping the orientation to vertical will give a wooden fence a whole new look. This type of garden fence will still give you the same amount of privacy as a vertically laid fence board. If you are looking for something different, go horizontal for a fresh, modern style fence.

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Sophisticated and Economical

Fencing in the garden can be expensive but using wire fencing is an economical way to cover a lot of area. The only problem is wire fencing isn’t all that attractive. However, building a decorative framework first, then using the wire fencing as the panels will give you an attractive garden fence that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Willow Wattle

A willow fence is an ecological and sustainable option for a garden fence. This is a traditional type of fencing called wattle. Wattle fencing can be made from a variety of wood, but willow is a popular option. Using sturdy posts about two feet apart, flexible willow saplings are woven in and out of the posts. If can give a garden a rustic feel or can be constructed in a more uniform manner giving the garden a modern look.

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Mixed Materials

If you like the idea of a stone fence, but are not on board with the cost of labor involved, consider a hybrid. This fence mixes wood and manufactured stone to create a unique look. The base features painted manufactured stone that resembles brick with a classic cedar panel fencing. The mix of wood and stone gives the fence a streamlined look that can work with almost any style of home.


Bamboo is a fast-growing, invasive grass that should not be in any garden—except as a fence! Bamboo is strong, yet pliable and will work with many types of style. It can be aligned vertically or horizontally, and even woven between posts like wattle fencing. It’s also a sustainable option for fencing since bamboo is a rapidly renewable material.

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Rustic and Functional

Sometimes you need a garden fence that’s just functional. This DIY garden fence was constructed with tree stumps and fence wire. It’s simple, inexpensive, and will protect your garden from rabbits, deer, and any other four-legged creature who would like to partake in your vegetable garden. You can also use chicken wire as an alternative to the fence wire.


Sometimes it’s not hip to be square. This fence features are curvy top that is sure to get noticed. It’s a wonderful alternative to the same old straight lines that most fences have. Plus, this one also features horizontal boards that offset the curvy tops giving the fence a contemporary look

Pallet Palace

You’ve got to love the ever so versatile pallet! Is there anything you can’t do with these magical pieces of wood? Setting them on end and latching them together gives you an easy fence to protect your garden beds. See how to build a pallet fence.

Split Rail

This style of fence is popular on farms or places with large acreage. Also known as a log fence, it’s made out of timber logs, usually split lengthwise into rails. Split-rail fences are relatively inexpensive to install and is a good DIY project for beginners. You can stack them close together or leave a lot of space in between railings. It’s versatile and makes a simple garden fence that will work in most yards.

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