easy chili oil recipe
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This easy chili oil recipe with crispy garlic and shallots is a game-changer: You can make it with pantry staples and it tastes amazing on everything.

Senior video producer Guillermo Riveros is making condiments and sauces to deck out all his quarantine dishes as weeks months of cooking at home start to take a toll on creativity and excitement. Here he shows us how to make a DIY version of one of his favorite store-bought condiments, the cult favorite chili crisp or chili oil (which happens to be among our most favorite pantry items in general at Chowhound).

This version, unlike the original (Lao Gan Ma’s Spicy Chili Oil) does not require Sichuan pepper powder or MSG, keeping it extra pantry-friendly. Don’t be surprised if this becomes your new favorite spicy condiment, as this chili oil packs layers of flavors and textured goodies like garlic and ginger. It’s guaranteed to turn all your meals—both savory and sweet—from good to amazing (seriously, try it on frozen pizza or vanilla ice cream).

chili oil ice cream

Guillermo Riveros

How to Make Chili Oil

You likely have everything you need for this easy chili oil recipe in your pantry, or can easily find it; be sure to use smoked paprika. If you can’t find star anise pods, use ground anise (you can do the same with the cinnamon). And be sure to let your fried bits cool completely in the strainer so they stay crisp!

Easy Chili Oil

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How to Use Chili Oil

Spooning some over a fried egg is always a good idea, and it will instantly perk up steamed broccoli, roasted veggies, rice, seafood, or meat—but seriously, try it on anything and everything; here are some specific suggestions:

Make the Most of It

How to Use Chili Oil on Almost Everything

Header image by Guillermo Riveros

Guillermo is Chowhound's senior video producer, a multitalented film maker and producer, transplanted from Colombia to NYC in 2006. He has developed and produced short and long-form projects, for both commercial and editorial clients for almost a decade, while continuously expanding his body of work in the fine arts field. His work has been seen and published around the world - some of his pieces are part of important contemporary art collections. Follow him on Instagram @guiriveros.
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