Summer’s fading, so now’s the time to lick, munch and slurp through NYC’s best ice cream sandwiches. New York Magazine puts its insatiable roundup rustlers on the cookies ‘n’ cream beat to find the top handheld treats.

But no Chipwiches need apply: instead, these frozen delights are made by hand using top-notch ingredients like Il Laboratorio del Gelato ice cream and cookies chunked with Jacques Torres chocolate. Much to our surprise, the winner wasn’t the sleek bar at ‘wichcraft, but the humble lil’ cutie at One Girl Cookies, a tiny storefront bakery in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill that slathers ricotta gelato onto cakey pumpkin puffs.

Not everyone loves these chi-chi creations, however. Over at Gothamist, a poster shudders at the mere mention of (two) cheese-flavored fillings, while the East Coast/West Coast throwdown on A Full Belly ends in a TKO for Frisco’s It’s It.

Created at the original Playland-at-the-Beach seaside amusement park in 1928 and still made at a Bay Area factory, the It’s Its is a swirl
of ice cream (I love the cappuccino) sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies, dipped in chocolate, and sold for cheap at a corner store on
those three days when it’s actually hot enough to eat ice cream in San Francisco. Speaking of the Bay Area, as if those stock options
weren’t enough, worker bees at Google’s HQ now get a special rainbow-labeled, locally sourced, trans-fat-free version in their in-house cafeteria.

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