easy chicken noodle soup recipe
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If you’re feeling a little sick or simply craving good old-fashioned comfort, you could do far worse than a steamy bowl of chicken noodle soup. We rounded up 13 chicken noodle soup recipe styles to satisfy you no matter what, from the classic childhood formula to more grown-up takes like chicken pho and curry-inflected broth. There’s even a keto-friendly option, and an Instant Pot chicken noodle soup if you’re in a hurry—so you’ll never need to reach for a can again.

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What’s the Best Type of Noodle for Chicken Soup?

You can use literally any type of pasta you like. Egg noodles are a particular favorite, but rice vermicelli is also a worthy option, especially if you’re doing a Thai or Vietnamese take. And as you’ll see, ramen noodles work well for chicken soup too (especially since you can cook them right in the pot).

For egg noodles and other types of pasta, it’s best to cook them separately, or else they’ll soak up quite a lot of liquid and simultaneously release what might be too much starch into the broth. You should also cook them slightly underdone, since they’ll continue to soften a bit in the hot soup.

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Which leads to one other tip to keep in mind: If you think you’ll have leftovers, only cook as many noodles as you’ll eat at one time; otherwise, they could get mushy when reheating your soup.

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipes

There’s one for every taste.

1. Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

easy chicken noodle soup recipe


Browning bone-in chicken pieces and sautéing veggies in the same pan helps build deep flavor into this quicker-than-average chicken soup. As a final step, simply add ramen noodles to the pot in the last few minutes to cook in the hot broth—a great trick you can use for almost any other noodle soup too. Get our Easy Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

2. Gingered Chicken Noodle Soup

ginger chicken noodle soup recipe

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Chicken noodle soup has long been touted as a remedy for colds (mostly because it helps soothe congestion), and ginger is a known antibacterial agent thought to help support your immune system—so it only makes sense to combine them. Plus, it’s just delicious. The healthy dose of garlic doesn’t hurt. Get our Gingered Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

3. Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

Crock Pot chicken soup recipe


This is the soup for you if you’re too busy to tend a pot on the stove—or feeling too crummy to, for that matter. Just toss a whole chicken in the Crock-Pot along with thyme and veggies, and let it simmer until the meat falls off the bones in the rich stock. Remove the bird to get rid of the skin and bones, return the tender meat to the soup, and all that’s left to do is add noodles. Get our Slow Cooker Chicken Soup recipe.

4. Leftover Chicken Noodle Soup

leftover chicken noodle soup recipe


If you’ve already cooked your chicken (or picked up a rotisserie bird from the store), don’t just throw away the carcass; use it to make chicken soup! Add any leftover shredded meat to the pot, or pick up a chicken thigh and breast to bulk it up. Get our Leftover Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

5. Easy Chicken Pho

quick chicken pho recipe


Pho purists will not be pleased, but everyone else will eagerly slurp this quick, flavor-packed bowl of soup with a garden of fresh garnishes. It’s even faster if you use a rotisserie chicken. Get our Easy Chicken Pho recipe.

6. Easy Chicken Ramen

easy chicken ramen recipe


If you can find fresh ramen noodles, they make this soup even better. But if not, dried will do nicely (just skip the seasoning packet that comes with them). Garlic, ginger, soy, and mushrooms bring tons of flavor to this quick dinner. Get our Easy Chicken Ramen recipe.

7. Sicilian Style Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup

This is actually a copycat soup recipe based on one from Carraba’s, but even if you’ve never tried the original, you’ll love this Italian-inspired blend of broth and tomatoes with ditalini pasta and chicken. Parsley, crushed red pepper, garlic, potatoes, and bell peppers also appear in the pot. Get the Sicilian Style Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

8. Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

An Instant Pot chicken noodle soup is just the thing for quick comfort that doesn’t involve a can opener. We’d recommend cooking the noodles separately, so make sure you start boiling the pasta water first, because the rest of the recipe doesn’t take long at all. Get the Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

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9. Thai Red Curry Chicken Noodle Soup

Creamy coconut milk and fiery red curry paste combine for a dynamite chicken noodle soup base; fish sauce, lime juice, brown sugar, and ginger bring balance, and the rice noodles are cooked right in the same pot before ladling up dinner. Get the Thai Red Curry Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

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10. Cajun Chicken Noodle Soup

Cajun seasoning is good on almost anything, and it’s good in chicken noodle soup too. This is another quick version that takes about 30 minutes, so it’s ideal for weeknights. Get the Cajun Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

11. Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Classic chicken noodle soup made creamy still tastes amazing when lightened up with milk instead of heavy cream. The addition of peas almost makes this feel like an extra-saucy pot pie without a crust. Get the Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

12. Turmeric Chicken Zoodle Soup

Aromatic turmeric imparts an earthy, pleasantly bitter flavor and golden yellow color, but it’s also known as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance, so this might be the ideal chicken soup to make when you’re feeling a little under the weather. Using zoodles makes it gluten-free and keto-friendly, but you can swap in conventional noodles if you like. Get the Turmeric Chicken Zoodle Soup recipe.

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13. Chicken Soup with Chickpeas and Broken Vermicelli

Vermicelli noodles show up again in this Middle Eastern soup with chopped tomatoes, cinnamon, allspice, garlic, and lemon juice in the lively broth. Chickpeas bob along with the tender shreds of chicken too, and fresh parsley tops it off. Get the Chicken Soup with Chickpeas and Broken Vermicelli recipe.

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