Cheerios in the car seat, GoGurts at recess, SunChips after soccer: Is kiddie life just one long graze-a-thon? Tough-talking thriller writer Harlan Coben rallies the ‘rents from the bully pulpit of the Times’ op-ed page, pledging to fight American Snack Tyranny, surburban-sports division.

Coben points out, rightly, that the little darlings on the soccer team are supposed to be expending energy, not fueling up on “yet another bag of Doritos and a juice box with enough sugar to coat a Honda Odyssey” the minute the running stops. In other words, whatever happened to good old water?

And don’t think you can get away with dumping a platter of “softball-sized cupcakes” off at school when it’s little Tyler or Emma’s birthday, either.

Have you ever seen the leftovers brought into the school’s main office? By two in the afternoon, the place looks like the San Gennaro festival.

The verdict on the Letters page? Unsnackers, unite (requires registration)! After all, it’s never too early for calorie restriction.

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