While New Yorkers were getting into a snit about a life-size chocolate Jesus, Londoners were celebrating the Easter holidays by devouring a massive chocolate billboard decorated with eggs and bunnies. According to a BBC article, sugar-happy shoppers reduced the three-dimensional Covent Garden billboard to a few stray shards in just three hours.

Fancy-chocolate company Thorntons decorated the 14.5-by-9.5-foot installation (made up of 128 chocolate panels) with 10 jumbo chocolate bunnies and 72 massive chocolate-hazelnut eggs. It took 10 workers more than 300 hours to assemble. Encouraging passersby to break off a tail or nibble an ear was part of the company’s promotional plan, but with 860 pounds of chocolate involved, it figured the billboard would last at least a week.

Clearly, Thorntons underestimated what any British dentist knows: Brits love their sweets. Predestruction photos here, courtesy of YumSugar.

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