Spring = farm eggs. The markets are filled with them in all the poultry flavors: chicken, duck, even turkey. I love starting my day with a poached, orange-yolked beauty. Or popping one atop my pizza. Or mixing a couple with hot, cooked pasta.

The Boston Globe is singing my song this week with a suite of recipes celebrating the egg. The main story, “All They’re Cracked Up to Be,” profiles egg farmer Neil Couvee, whose local farm eggs sell for $2 per dozen at his farm store (Cheap! The going rate at my farmers’ market is $4 per dozen). In addition, the Globe provides a global panoply of ways to prepare your farm eggs, like soy sauce–flavored hard-cooked eggs, Spanish tortilla, oeufs mollets, and good old soft-cooked eggs.

It’s enough to make you run right out to get one of these.

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