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If you thought you loved the Instant Pot, then you’re definitely going to adore this cooking blender—straight from the same brilliant brains. Even better news? It’s marked down to just $44.96 on Walmart, from $99. 

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Like the Instant Pot, this cooking blender does it all. Choose from eight settings, depending on what you need to blend and whether it’s hot or cold—smoothie, purée, frozen desserts, crushed ice, soy milk, rice milk, nut/oat (almond) milk, and soup—then let the strong motor and three blending speeds take it away. Switch on the cold blending programs when you want to blitz smoothies and ice cream, or change it to the hot program, allowing you to actually cook fresh ingredients by boiling and blending into one-pitcher meals.   

Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender, $44.96 at Walmart

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We’re not the only ones who are obsessed with this appliance. Nearly 200 people have written about it, with glowing reviews. One customer can’t get over how excited they are about the machine: “This is not just ANY blender. It blends, purees, cooks, [and] freezes! You can make your dinner in this! The list goes on and on!”

Another happy customer shares that they “couldn’t be happier with this new kitchen machine. A heating element allows it to actually cook raw ingredients, not like other blenders that just use friction to warm stuff up. This thing really steams!”

Purchase it now and you’ll get 2-day free shipping, but act fast: This deal won’t last long.

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