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There’s never been a better time to experiment in the kitchen than right now. Of course, the recent coronavirus outbreak and lockdown has us all a bit rattled but occupying your mind and hands with a new recipe or baking project might help calm your nerves. Try out a new kitchen gadget, to keep things fun, like one of our 25 most-discussed kitchen tools below.  

Gizmos, gadgets, doo-dads, whats-its. Call them what you will, we all love having a good kitchen helper around. Whether designed to shave precious time off an annoying and laborious task or simply make your finished food tastier, healthier or prettier; the right gadget can change the way you move through the kitchen.

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Chowhounds are the first to jump online and share insights on or recommend their favorite kitchen tools in the many community threads and discussion boards. Here are the top 25 most-discussed gadgets, tools and small kitchen appliances on Chowhound.

IKEA Spice Mill, $6.99 on IKEA


Refillable for all your grindable spices like fresh pepper, nutmeg, clove, coriander, and more. Dishwasher safe with the grinding mechanism on top to prevent spillage.Buy Now

Thermoworks Thermapen, $79 on Thermoworks


With instant and high-accuracy readings, Thermoworks meat thermometers have become a favorite of the professional and home chef, alike. This is the real deal but beware of knockoffs that have flooded the market of late.Buy Now

Bella 3.5-Quart Air Fryer, $35 (originally $60) on Best Buy

Best Buy

Air fryers caugt a lot of attention this past year. This inexpensive model from Bella is large enough to “healthy-fry” snacks for bigger groups and family affairs with a quick-clean basket, easy temp control, and auto turn-off function.Buy Now

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Regency Wraps Cheese Cloth, $4.49 on Amazon


If you’ve got designs to make your own cheese or tofu or nut milk or finely strain anything, really, quality cheesecloth is something you’ll want to have on hand. You can also use it to extract seeds and pulp from juice, but it’s not sold everywhere so it’s a good idea to stock up while you’re thinking of it. Buy Now

Lamson Walnut Slotted Turner Spatula, $24.99 on Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond

If you cook a lot of delicate fish fillets, crab cakes, or other things that are famous for falling apart in the pan, this is the turner spatula you need, made from sturdy walnut with a slim, slotted, and dexterous blade to let liquid through.Buy Now

SETO Japenese Chef Knife, $43 on Amazon


The best steel comes out of Japan and Germany and this forged steel Japanese SETO chef’s knife handmade in Seki, Japan, gets extremely high marks in verified purchase reviews.Buy Now

John Boo’s & Co. Maple Edge Grain Cutting Board, $33.95 on Sur La Table

Sur La Table

On a long list of kitchen tools you’d be wise to spend a few dollars more on is cutting boards. Cheaply made boards just don’t last, but this John Boos & Co board crafted from quality white maple absolutely will. Plus it’s reversible so you can have a side dedicated to meats, for instance, and it clocks in under $35 at Sur La Table.Buy Now

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor, $367.48 on Amazon


We all love Breville’s full line of helpful kitchen gadgetry but maybe none more than the Sous Chef food processor which flawlessly chops food to your exact specifications via five different multi-function discs, and three blades. While it’s not cheap, if you use a food processor often this will be a more-than-worthy investment.Buy Now

Rubbermaid Pull Down Spice Rack, $19.67 on Amazon


“Oh my god, I need this!” we all shout together. This smartly designed spice rack fastens inside a cupboard but then pulls out and down via some carefully placed hinges for easy access to all your spices while you’re cooking up a storm.Buy Now

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KitchenAid Classic 6-Quart Stand Mixer, $219.99 on Best Buy

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Walmart Black Friday deal

Best Buy

You may not be surprised to find this icon on a list of the most talked about kitchen tools by our readers. It’s a baker’s best friend, of course, for mixing batters for bread, cakes, pizza, and cookies—and smart attachments turn it into anything from a juicer to a pasta maker, meat grinder, and more.Buy Now

Bob Kramer Carbon Steek Chef’s Knife, $249 on Sur La Table

Bed Bath & Beyond

Noted as one of the greatest knifesmiths in the world, Bob Kramer’s wares have been used by some of the world’s most respected chefs. In fact, Anthony Bourdain’s estate just auctioned his personal Kramer for an astounding $231,000. This chef’s knife is not a budget pick but the carbon steel is formulated to be sharp as heck, and remains that way for a very long time.Buy Now

Square Grain Acacia Cutting Board, $36.82 on Home Depot

Home Depot

Speaking of things I like looking at, this strong acacia wood cutting board with a checkerboard pattern and a dark stain is tough enough to cut on and pretty enough to serve apps on.Buy Now

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Miyabi Chef’s Knife, $99-$170 on Sur La Table

Sur La Table

Ergonomic handle, precision balance (very important), and tremendously strong steel make this knife a good buy. Spending $100+ on a knife might seem excessive but not if you consider how often you use it.Buy Now

Electric Meat Grinder, $80 on Amazon


A meat grinder is for a very specific person, but if you value top-quality ground beef, pork, chicken, and lamb, then grinding it yourself is one way to ensure ultimate freshness. You can also grind meats not always found readily in markers like bison, venison, and others.Buy Now

Handheld Salad Chopper, $12.98 on Amazon


Maybe you’ve seen these in your favorite salad chain. A simple tool but the best way to get that perfectly chopped salad and angled to chop inside a bowl so you don’t have to dirty a cutting board.Buy Now

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Nutri-Ninja Pro Single Serve Blender, $59.99 on Best Buy

Best Buy

We all love our big blenders for powering through a chunky soup or sauce or—if you have the right one making your own flour or nut milk. But for those times you just want to bust out a quick smoothie without waking the whole house, this smaller Ninja single-serve blender is the way to go.Buy Now

Fermentation Weights, $17.95 on Amazon


These were designed specifically to slide into a mason jar and keep the subjects of your pickling project—most likely vegetables—from bobbing up above the vinegar. Simple…yet effective.Buy Now

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Ball Mason Jars (12-pack), $17.25 on Amazon


Speaking of pickling, Ball Mason jars are important to have on hand if you’re planning to do some. It may sound like an innocuous choice, but don’t cheap out on the jars. If the lids don’t fit well the whole project can go under.Buy Now

Fine Mesh Skimmer, $17.99 on Sur La Table

Sur La Table

A very handy kitchen tool for skimming broth and stock (wait, what’s the difference again?), but also great for fishing dumplings or pierogies out of boiling water. You could even swat a fly with it in a pinch.Buy Now

OXO Good Grips 2-Cup Fat Separator, $9.99 on Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond

Speaking of stock and broth, this nifty device is an easy way to remove the fat from the liquid. Now if we can find something that removes the fat from my hips we’ll be in business.Buy Now

Steel Baster with Cleaning Brush, $7.59 on Amazon


Basters do some messy work and those delicious fats and oils in the pan drippings are not the easiest things to remove, so having a cleaning brush handy—cue this great set sold on Amazon—will turn you into a total master baster.Buy Now

KitchenAid Hand Mixer, $39.99 on Best Buy


Stand mixers are great for the big jobs but hand mixers are still the best way to get in a quick mix of mashed potatoes or brownie batter. And when it comes to mixing, KitchenAid is king. This model comes in a true rainbow of fun colors and gets very high marks from our team.Buy Now

KitchenAid Immersion Blender, $35 on Amazon


Trying to transfer an entire pot of hot soup or sauce to a blender is truly a fraught exercise and is exactly why someone invented immersion blenders. KitchenAid—no stranger to the blender game—makes this popular model with genius whisk attachment for beating that holiday meringue into submission or eggs for a fabulous quiche.Buy Now

Compost Bin, $42 on Macy’s


If you have a garden but no compost bin we have to question your judgment on all things. You’re wasting powerful nutrients for those plants and sending more to the landfill than needed, but with this sharp-looking compost bin (currently on sale at Macy’s), you’ve officially run out of excuses.Buy Now

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Vitamix Eplorian, $349.95 on Amazon

Vitamix blender sale Prime Day


It’s hard to know where to begin with the Vitamix but I will say, once you’ve used an elite blender, like the Explorian, it’s difficult to go back to anything less. Power and precision are the two most important attributes your blender should have, and are essential for soups, smoothies, and sauces at exactly the desired consistency. For that, few machines are better than this one.Buy Now

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